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Pulsing Heart

Neon Stage – UTOPIA & Dusk Till Dawn Stage – UTOPIA

Pulsing Heart, an Adelaide-based creative studio, invites you to step into the unexpected and augment your festival experience as they weave their magic throughout Utopia.

Open your heart and feel the pulse as you experience…

Seek out our Utopians, the true believers. You may spot them ripping up the dancefloor high above the common-folk. They are your gateway to the future.


5 Minute Moments 
Have you ever dreamt of marrying a stranger or joining the cult of your dreams? Utopia’s preacher is here to indulge you. Allow him to give you an irresistible taste of what it feels like to be a Utopian. Join us, even just for a moment.


Heart to Heart
Discover our super-sized glowing hearts in changing locations across RCC and share an anonymous Heart to Heart with a stranger from within the intimacy of a bright red blushing confessional.