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By Gravity & Other Myths.

Running time: 1 hour
Genre: Physical theatre
Rating: Suitable for all ages


Saturday 20/03 – 5pm
Sunday 21/03 – 5pm

Seven acrobats push their physical limits without reserve; this
performance is simultaneously raw, frantic and delicate. Supported by
driving live percussion and presented so intimately that you can feel the
heat, hear every breath, and be immersed in every moment.

A Simple Space evokes real responses in audiences, something visceral
rather than cerebral. Instead of fine-tuning the performance with
makeup, lighting and contrived theatrical overlay, the cast has
deliberately gone the opposite way. The audience is brought in close to
surround the stripped backstage. In that space the acrobats are pushed
to the physical limit, breaking down their usual guards and introducing
the reality of failure and weakness. With nothing left to hide behind
personal narratives come through naturally. This honesty is the essence
behind A Simple Space.

★★★★★ – The Advertiser
★★★★★ – Edinburgh Guide
★★★★★ – Kryztoff


By Stalker Theatre (AUS),

Running time: 25 minutes + 15-30 mins of audience interactive play with visuals
Genre: Physical theatre, aerial dance, interactive technology
Rating: Suitable for all ages

Thursday + Sunday: 8:30pm & 10:30pm
Friday + Saturday: 8:30pm & 11:30pm

Mountain has been the headline entertainment for Glow, Horizon and Real Festivals in Australia. Mountain has wowed the crowds with its innovative, physical and visual spectacle.

The performance combines aerial theatre with cutting-edge interactive performance technology to explore society’s increasing dependence on technology and the effect it’s having on the world and biosphere around us. The four performers seamlessly meld acrobatics, dance and aerials to create a captivating spectacle.

Alongside the show, Mountain also features a projected 3D play space for young and old alike. Directly after the 25-minute performance, kids and adults are invited to rediscover the environment, wildlife and our relationship to it as the stage is transformed into an interactive Australian habitat.

It’s the audience’s time to shine as the interactive projection system encourages everyone to be animated, get moving and play along with Stalker’s giant interactive play wall on the stage.



World Premiere

A concept venue by Gravity & Other Myths
Schedule Nightly during RCC, 4-8pm

Physical practitioners of all breeds are mysterious creatures. Fringe Festival evenings are largely powered by their amazing bodies but what do they get up to during the day? More often than not, they are training because, like thoroughbreds, physical performers must practice, sharpen and repeat their course so that they are ready for their next event.

Welcome to The Stables, an open training and rehearsal space that allows the public to share in the grind, sweat and humanity embedded in the daily life of the physical artist. It’s better than reality tv.  It’s the simple binary of success and failure in plain sight. Audiences will witness professional dancers and acrobats training alongside kid’s karate, roller derby or even fencing accompanied by a rotating program of experimental live music. No two nights will ever be the same!

This concept venue was conceived by Adelaide’s leading acrobatics and physical theatre company Gravity & Other Myths (GOM). Their work utilises an honest approach to performance to create shows with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity. GOM has curated a compelling collection of uncut physical gems for the premiere season of The Stables.



World Premiere

By Cyril Lancelin of Town.and.Concrete Studio
Produced by Pulsing Heart & Momentarily
Schedule: All-day

Wander through the soaring arches of this opulent inflatable sculpture created by insta famous and world-renowned artist Cyril Lancelin from Lyon, France. Cyril is renowned for his hybrid work merging sculpture, immersive installation and virtual experiences that forge links between the physical and the fictional.

The world premiere of LOOPED has been commissioned for RCC to bring European art to our doorstep, while artists themselves cannot be here.

Fabricated by Felipe Reynolds of AIRENA in Melbourne.



Concept: Mapped Design
Installation & Execution: Mapped Design
Commissioned by: RCC
Suppliers: Mcmahon Events, Scrimworks, AJS Sound, Light, Events
Schedule: All-day

“Doppler Shift” is a self-contained structure shelter with gradient shading that incorporates immersive lighting and sound. The Installation visualises the Doppler effect in the visible light spectrum.

The Doppler effect alters how a wave is perceived by an observer. As a light source moves fast enough toward an observer, they will experience a blue shift to the light. As the light moves away from the observer, they will view the light with a red shift. This is much like the audible pitch change (eeeee-ooooo) when a car horn passes you on the street. The waves are moving with the origin, which causes a frequency change to the observer.

As you move through “Doppler Shift” you are encouraged to interact with the Doppler effect and experience how the gentle shifts of light affect your perception of your surroundings.

As you remain stationary in the installation you can notice how the world moving around you changes as others pass. “Doppler Shift” offers a view of how waves move through space.



By Pulsing Heart
Schedule: Nightly during RCC, from 6:30pm

Can you distill the most monumental moments in life into just 5 minutes?

Join us as we celebrate your 5th birthday, your sister’s graduation, your parent’s wedding day or perhaps even your funeral. The Pulsing Heart artists curate a group of complete strangers to create a precious memory together in just 5 minutes.

This experiential theatre piece is the brainchild of Adelaide based creative studio, Pulsing Heart. Redefining art for the modern world, Pulsing Heart invites play, provokes thought and inspires connection through immersive and participatory performance.




INFINITE SPACES is the latest in a series of installations by 19MIL that explores the interactions of video, light and reflection. The audience is invited to get lost amongst seemingly endless animation where their perception of space is challenged.

19MIL is a creative company operating out of London, the U.K. that specialises in the design and production of stages and immersive environments for live performance and events.
19MIL is recognised for its innovative solutions that push the possibilities of new technologies, materials and mediums, with a focus on producing memorable experiences that challenge the ways people interact with their surroundings. Their unique design aesthetic is often informed by geometry, light and reflection.
19MIL’s founder, Chris Canavan, has worked alongside artists such as Skepta, La Roux and Lapalux and has designed stages for Space Ibiza, Fabric Live & Resident Advisor.